New York-based BPO Horatio has announced the opening of a new office in Bogota, Colombia, expanding the company’s footprint in Latin America to serve new markets.

The US company, which operates offices in Santo Domingo and Santiago in the Dominican Republic, says the decision was a strategic move to tap into the region’s technology labor pool and strengthen Horatio’s global operations, especially Horatio’s content moderation operations.

“Latin America holds immense potential for the technology industry and we believe that we can add significant value to businesses in this region,” said José Herrera, CEO and co-founder of Horatio. “We look forward to building strong partnerships, collaborating with local talent, and contributing to the growth of the region’s ecosystem,”

In 2023, Horatio ranked number eight on Inc. magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies in the Northeast,” and last month Horatio was ranked as the number one customer contact center in the Dominican Republic by the business publication Revista Mercado. Earlier this year, Horatio opened a new 92,000 square feet contact center in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Caribbean nation where Herrera grew up.

Now, according to company CFO and co-founder Jared Karson, it made sense to expand further south to Bogotá to leverage several key advantages available in region’s fourth largest city.

“Colombia has experienced astonishing expansion in CX and technology in recent years, and we are thrilled Horatio will now be a part of this growing sector which makes up nearly 15% of their country’s service exports,” said Karson. “Bogota is rapidly emerging as a major hub for technology and innovation. The city offers a highly skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and a thriving startup ecosystem.”

Photo: Horatio’s new office in Bogotá, Colombia. (Credit: Horatio)

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