The Biden administration has designated the city of Columbus, Ohio, as a “workforce hub” for clean energy, transportation, and semiconductor manufacturing as the government attempts to push the industrial and economic prospects of the United States forward. 

The city was declared as one of the country’s five workforce hubs by the White House, with Heather Boushey, chief economist of the Investing in America Cabinet and economic advisor,  calling the city a “center of investment” and a potential future model for building up other industries in other parts of the country. 

Alongside Columbus, the other four new workforce hubs will be located in Phoenix (Arizona), Augusta (Georgia). Baltimore (Maryland), and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). These specific places are likely to benefit greatly in one way or another from the recent CHIPS and Science Act as well as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation-Reduction Act to push investment in American infrastructure forward.

Columbus’ focus as a Workforce Hub will likely be its big semiconductor manufacturing industry, which received a big boost over the past few years with the CHIPS and Science Act as well as a giant $20-billion investment in a chip manufacturing facility near the city by Intel. The facility is expected to create 20,000 jobs within the city. 

Much of the institutions around the city will be geared towards meeting the industrial needs of the state, including the Lorain County Community College, which is currently helping in the development of a curriculum focused on the semiconductor industry. 

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther is also ensuring that the new flow of investment in the country will go towards fostering local talent and giving a diverse set of students and workers the opportunity to take advantage of it all. 

“We think it’s a great opportunity for us to give young people in our community incredible chances to make some transformational training opportunities and take advantage of some of these jobs that are being created by Intel, Honda, and so many others here in central Ohio,” said Ginther. 

The workforce hubs are part of the Biden administration’s larger overall strategy to create more jobs through the strengthening of local industries, which they have called the Investing in America Agenda. The administration is also planning to boost investment in clean energy resources as well as helping create more skilled workers for the planned infrastructure projects.

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