We are dedicated to helping you hire the best bilingual professionals!

Our mission: Bring together bilingual job seekers and the employers that need them across geographies and professions.

Brought to you by the same people who publish industry leading business news publications covering key industries throughout the Americas, we are continually innovating with value-generating solutions that address the evolving needs of our market—both the executives and employers that interact with us, and the most astute, erudite candidates and job seekers: from the US and Canada to Spain & the tip of South America.

EmpleoBilingue, simply “Bilingual Employment” in Spanish, is the definitive platform for recruiting multilingual and polyglot talent, with a focus on English & Spanish language fluency.

Our modern platform is ideal for sourcing and recruiting bilingual talent for traditional on-site jobs, whether they be in an office, industrial, logistics, hospitality, or field environment; or in this post-COVID world, remote work that may be domestic within a specific country, or cross border. Our modern platform is also friendly to new ways of work, so traditional employer relationships are welcome alongside contract, temporary and gig modalities.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is designed to be affordable for recruiters and hiring managers across industries and geographies, from startups and nonprofits to multinational enterprises and government agencies. If you just have a few positions, our automated e-commerce plataform makes it easy to post your opportunities instantly. If you are hiring a lot of people or have ongoing needs, speak to a member of our leadership team about our comprehensive offerings that can automatically synchronize your opportunities with our database, and advertise you as a preferred, progressive employer to our candidates and readers!

No Fraud — No Spam

We take strict measures to ensure that all candidates are real human job seekers. We do not tolerate spammers or “bots” that waste your time and our resources. Though we seek to serve the largest real community possible, our focus is on quality first: We do not tolerate fake candidates scamming our employers, and we do not tolerate fake job opportunities and schemes scamming our candidates!

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. Try us and see.

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